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About Coyote Pond

Coyote Pond is an indie rock band combining eclectic influences from all walks of life: jangly 90’s Britpop guitar, heavy alternative bass tones, punk rock drumming, and sentimental lyrics with unique vocal delivery.


Formed in a garage in Orange, CA, Coyote Pond cut their teeth in the college band scene, playing house parties and abandoned warehouses until late 2021. They then began playing venues with packed shows at The Federal, a headlining spot at The Viper Room and Chain Reaction, as well as sold out shows at the Tiki Bar and The Constellation Room. The band has supported North Morlan, Ashes to Amber, Hoity Toity, Suave Punk, and Clinton Kane.


With earnest, high energy performances and a visible love for the craft, Coyote Pond has grown a steady, reliable fanbase lovingly referred to as “The Pond.” The band's first record, 2021’s “Drive You Home”, racked up 1700+ streams on word of mouth alone. 


With a permanent move to Los Angeles imminent in the summer of 2022, Coyote Pond will hit the ground running with their first multi-track project, “Brand New-EP”, and an assured new collection of “The Pond” members.

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Press Quotes

“Yearning vocals and lyrics — "run forever just to know your name," — craft a sentimental opening that engages, gearing into a more excitable rock-forward arsenal thereafter.” - Obscure Sound


“Lush dreamy guitar waves. The arrangements allow for the listener to really sit in the sonic landscape.” - Music On The Moon


“Dreamy, languid sound. It reminds me of the 90s Brit-pop of a more psychedelic variety.” - Alt77


“Powerful instrumental accompaniment, with an organic and captivating sound, creating an uplifting musical atmosphere.” - Caoba Records


“Alternative and pop rock influences in its origins, accompanied by easy listening instrumentation, powerful dynamics, and catchy melodies. Successful work with commercial potential” - Metalhead Community Magazine


“There's this hearty and powerful feel that creates such a compelling and thrilling atmosphere.” - ORBIT


“I like the garage sound and the fresh energy, the 50s and punk fusion is nice” - Rock Fueguino


“Really warm lovely tender indie folk and rock spirit with some great production and warmth” - We All Want Something To Shout For



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